5 Ways to Make It Hard For a Man to Stop Thinking of You! Here Is How to Make Him Worship You

5 Ways to Make It Hard For a Man to Stop Thinking of You! Here Is How to Make Him Worship You

One of the trickiest things for any man to do is to figure out what makes his heart miss a woman. They would constantly want to bring her back into their mind no matter how much they had already moved on. Since they are human beings, they also have the capacity to make up numerous reasons as to why they should or should not think of a certain woman. You just need to learn how to push their psychological buttons so that he’ll begin to miss you terribly.

Step #1: updates yourself on current issues. Go and learn about the latest news in the world. The less he has to think of you, the greater the longing would be. If he’s already old news to you then you can start to think about why you’re even trying to do this. Surely, he’s just along for the ride and would rather not spend too much time thinking about how he’s been making love to an old woman in a playground.

Step #2: Start changing the way you dress. Once every few months, give yourself a makeover. Try on new outfits that are meant for your new activity or simply buy a different pair of shoes from the boutique shop and walk in them. You can also color or highlight your skin to make it glow. New clothes will also make you stand out in the crowd. Men can be turned on seeing women who constantly reinvent themselves. It doesn’t even matter how you look these days.

Step #3: Be Affectionate. One way of luring your man to you is by being affectionate. Touch his arm while you’re laughing and nudge his hand to make a point in your conversation. Let him grab your hand so you won’t have to be afraid to hold on to him. Men are always attracted to women who are affectionate. This doesn’t mean you have to grope him. Holding on to him while laughing at his jokes will make him more comfortable and would urge him to become friends with you.

Step #4: Pretend not to notice him. One thing the penis experts at PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence recommend is, every now and then, pervert your mind to think of something else. Pretend not to notice him while your mind wanders off. If he’s at your place, pretend not to notice him when he enters the room. Making him feel you’re not always focused on him makes him feel you’re avoiding him. This will make him feel the need to take matters into his own hands and would make him worry about your absence

Step #5: Increase the frequency of your calls. If you think one or two times about him, then call him up. But if you want to spice things up, call him daily to make him feel you’re always there.

If you want to make a man miss you more, you have to keep him hot on the trail of you. But never make it too obvious that you actually want him back. If you make things easy, he’ll adore you.