Single Finding True Love – How to Analyze the Mix

Single Finding True Love – How to Analyze the Mix

This is the kind of mixed relationship. You know… the one where you are dating but it is not substantial enough to last. You probably are going from one sporting event to the next just hoping for a winner. It is one of the crazier things in the world, the roller coaster ride of love. We all try to have fun and enjoy it, but at the same time, we are constantly aware that we are ourselves under that false sense of security. The outcome of the relationship is based on: how much fun we had, the chemistry we had and the compatibility factor. And were that not enough, you would have a very desirable personality as well.

This is where the problem lies for those of us who are single. How can we develop both enjoyment and a feeling of being blessed by the Lord while at the same time Staying single?

So how do we do this? How do we develop the next level of being entertained and keeping the feeling of being together while at the same time not feeling that we are taking anything from the relationship?

It is all about balance.

What if the person you loved and accepted with all your heart did not love you in the way you wanted to be loved? Then you were better off without her, or him. Your job is to learn what it is you really want out of life. It is from the desire for a better life that you draw the people toward you, but it is the desire for a better relationship that makes a person want to stay put.

You don’t need to have all fun and excitement of a roller coaster, to be part of a healthy relationship. So balance is the name of the game. Instead of living a double life, decide you want a better life. Make it your personal goal to create it. Are you willing to go to the next level? To put in the effort to look more presentable in your social settings? Are you willing to put that extra effort to be that person your mate wants to be around?

The great thing about dating is that the other person probably knows more about you than you know about yourself. There is a wealth of information out there that is valuable and not easily found. Use that to your advantage. Learn all you can about the person at the click of a mouse. Great dating sites now exist with each niche concerned with specific topics like race, religion, body type, etc. Don’t waste another minute.